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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Haunted Alabama - Cahaba, Alabama

Location: Cahaba, Alabama, USA

Cahaba was chosen to be the Alabama state capitol on November 21st of 1818. The town was thriving by 1820, with large buildings inside of it. However, five years later in 1825, the town was struck by a major flood that destroyed part of the state house. The flood occurred due to the low elevation and two large rivers with a nasty reputation of flooding. In January, 1826, the capital was changed to Tuscaloosa. After years of semi-success, the town began to fall apart. By 1930, only a few handful of the original buildings were left. The town, no longer inhabited, is now an important archaeological site. Visitors can still see the abandoned town today. The town and its abandoned site have been the setting of several ghost stories during the 19th and 20th centuries. Among the true stories is one about a ghostly orb in a now-demolished garden maze at the former home of C. C. Pegues. The house was located in an open lot that occupied a block between Pine and Chestnut streets. The haunting was part of 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey under "Specter in the Maze of Cahaba".

Key Points
  • Chosen to be Alabama state capitol on November 21st, 1818.
  • Was thriving by 1820.
  • Major flood destroyed part of the state house in 1825.
  • Tuscaloosa became state capitol in January, 1826.
  • Town begins to fall apart.
  • Is uninhabited by 1930.
  • Haunted by C. C. Pegues.
Key People
  • C. C. Pegues - ghost
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