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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Haunted Alabama - Gaineswood

Location: Demopolis, Alabama, USA

Gaineswood was designed and built by General Nathan Byran Whitfield in 1843. Whitfield was a cotton planter from North Carolina who had moved to Marengo County, Alabama in 1834 and bought a 480-acre property from George Strother Gaines (younger brother of Edmund P. Gaines) in 1842. During the time that it was owned by George Gaines owned the property as a US Indian Agent, he is said to have met with Chief Pushmataha of the Choctaw Nation under an old oak tree on the property. They had to negotiate the terms of a treaty that would remove the Choctaw to Indian Territory. The tree became known as “Pushmataha Oak”. In 1843, Whitfield named the estate “Marlmont”, but renamed it to Gaineswood in 1856 in honor of Gaines. In 1861, Gen. Whitfield sold the house to his son, Dr. Bryan Watkins Whitfield. Upon her father’s death, Mary Foscue Whitfield inherited the nearby Foscue-Whitfield House in 1861. In 1923, the Whitfield family sold Gaineswood. The state of Alabama purchased the residence from Dr. J. D. McLeod, who had used it as private residence for several years, in 1966. It was later turned into a house museum.

Key Points
  • General Nathan Byran Whitfield bought 480-acre property from George Strother Gaines in 1842.
  • Built in 1843 by General Nathan Byran Whitfield.
  • Named the estate Marlmont in 1843.
  • Changed name to Gainesewood in 1856.
  • After the death of Whitfield, daughter Mary Foscue Whitfield inherited a nearby house.
  • Sold the house in 1923.
  • Became a house museum after 1966.
Key People
  • General Nathan Byran Whitfield - the builder of Gaineswood
  • George Strother Gaines - the man who sold Whitfield the land
  • Chief Pushmataha - the former owner of the land
  • Dr. Bryan Watkins Whitfield - Nathan's son
  • Mary Foscue Whitfield - Nathan's daughter
  • Dr. J. D. McLeod - former owner of the house

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