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Friday, October 12, 2012

Haunted Alabama - Harrison Cemetery

Location: Kinston, Alabama, USA

The ghost of William "Grancer" Harrison (1789-1860) has been the subject of many ghost stories about his spirit seen dancing by his grave-site in Harrison Cemetery, Kinston, Alabama. Grancer was a successful cotton planter, and is rumored to have the largest number of slaves in the county. His slaves called him "Grand-sir", which was changed to Grancer over time. After years of being successful, Grancer was faced with the fact that he'd die one day, and decided to begin preparing for his funeral and any final arrangements that needed to be done. Slaves began work on a large ground tomb that he wanted to be buried in. He had requested that he be buried with his dancing clothes and clogs on while lying on his feather bed. His tomb was within earshot of the dance hall that he loved so much; he wanted to be part of it even after death. Harrison died in 1860, and his burial orders were carried out exactly to his specification. The Saturday night dances continued for a while, but without Harrison, the dance hall fell into ruin. People began to hear eerie sounds of fiddling and dancing coming from the cemetery on a Saturday night. Stories about hearing the voice of a man calling out square dances with a fiddle began to be shared. It is believed that they heard Grancer's ghost.
Key Points
  • Had Grancer Harrision burried there in 1860.
  • Haunted ever since.

Key People
  • William "Grancer" Harrison - ghost
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