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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Haunted Alabama - Sketoe Hanging Hole

Location: Newton, Alabama, USA

The town of Newton, Alabama was founded in 1843. A small town, it became a site for Confederate recruiting during the Civil War. In March, 1865, a small battle took place there. A few months before the battle, on December 3rd, 1864, local Methodist minister Bill Sketoe was hung just north of Newton.

A whole had been dug beneath where he was hung to compensate for his tall body. The locals claim to this day that the hole can never stay filled with soil. The Sketoe Hanging Hole, it's called, is sometimes nicknamed "the hole that won't stay filled", because no matter how many attempts to fill it there are, the hole always managed to return.

In 1979, the hole became parially covered by a bridge and some rocks, but it still remains a local attraction. The Sketoe Hanging Hole became semi-iconic after it was featured in 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey by Kathryn Tucker Windham.

In 2006, a monument to Sketoe was dedicated near the spot where he was lynched. A local museum displays items that regard Sketoe and the hanging. While it is uncertain if the hole's refilling has to do with Bill Sketoe's unrested spirit, it is surely a mystery waiting to be solved...paranormal or not.

Key Points
  • The town of Newton is founded in 1843.
  • Becomes a site for Confederate recruiting.
  • Has a battle from the Civil War there in March, 1865.
  • Methodist minister Bill Sketoe is hung on December 3rd, 1864.
  • Hole refuses to stay filled.
  • Becomes covered by bridge and some rocks in 1979.
  • Monument to Sketoe is built in 2006.

Key People
  • Bill Sketoe - the Methodist Minister who got hanged.
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