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Welcome to Our Ghostly World, your paranormal travel guide!

Our History

Our Ghostly World was founded in August, 2012 as a site dedicated to helping you plan a paranormal vacation. Initially, the plan for the site was to become a database for haunts, abandonments, and ghost towns, similarly to our parent site Ghostly World. Now, we are working to do something that has never been done before - a website out to help you find the best places to visit on vacation.

Our Goal

We strive to deliver the most accurate information possible to our readers. Every post is inspected to ensure what you're reading is the right stuff. There are only a few sites like ours - but they are filled with typographical and grammatical errors that make it hard to read. Not Our Ghostly World. We're proud to say that everything on our site is clean, organized, and yes, grammatically correct. All of our posts feature unbiased and factual information - you won't find opinions here. You can safely share your paranormal experience without judgements. Most of all, we're not here to make you believe in ghosts - we're here to let you decide.

Who We Are

While we believe ghosts are real, we prefer to be critical thinkers, and we don't necessarily believe every location noted as haunted actually is. However, we post them all anyway so you, the reader, can make your own decision. And "we" is actually just one person who is mysteriously anonymous.

New to the Site?

No problem! Ghostly World is an easy to use database that is focused on bringing you the right information every time. You can find whatever you want by navigation pages and search bars - there is a reason why we are the easiest to use paranormal site on the web.

More of Our Ghostly World

You can find us on Wordpress, Tumblr, YouTube, Wikia, and Gmail.

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